EMDR Consultation: Basic Training & EMDRIA Certification

  • $45 for group EMDR consultation;
  • $100 for individual consultation for EMDR Basic Training;
  • $145 for consultation for EMDRIA certification.
  • All groups and individual sessions run for one hour via Zoom.

To sign up for individual consultation please, contact me.

To sign up for a group, please contact me: [email protected]

My EMDR journey.

  • First learned about EMDR in 2008
  • EMDR Training in 2009/2010 through Trauma Recovery/HAP
  • EMDRIA Certified in 2015
  • EMDRIA Approved consultant 2016
  • Trauma Recovery/HAP Facilitator Process began in 2016- Full Facilitator 2017
  • Trauma Recovery/HAP Trainer process began in 2018- Full Trainer 2019
  • EMDR Institute Facilitator - 2017
  • EMDR Trauma Recovery/HAP Trainer of the year- 2021

It was a great honor to receive Trauma Recovery/HAP Trainer of the year in 2021.